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Walmart - General Info

Effective August, 2013:  I will no longer be able to post full, weekly matchups due to family and work commitments.  I’ll post any great deals and freebies I plan to purchase, but I will no longer post complete sales matchups.  Thanks for your understanding.

  • Walmart accepts all valid manufacturer coupons.
  • CLICK HERE to view their coupon policy.
  • CLICK HERE to view their ad match guarantee.


  • Other helpful tips:
  • According to Walmart’s Ad Match Guarantee, you do not need the print ads from the stores you’re matching.  I always bring them or have access to them on my phone just in case. 
  • Although their Ad Match Guarantee states otherwise, one of my local Walmart locations is now requiring that you bring the ad for any store greater than 5 miles away.  I was told that if you do not have the newspaper ad, then a copy printed from the competitor’s website or the online version on your mobile phone is acceptable.  Please plan your trip accordingly.
  • Walmart will take coupons for items that you price match (all Walmarts should).
  • Coupons exceeding the amount of the item you purchase will result in overage (money back), which will be applied to your remaining items or is given back as cash. The exception to this would be a notice on the coupon specifically excluding cash back.
  • I recommend carrying a copy of Walmart’s coupon and ad match policies with you in the event a cashier or CSM is not fully aware of the details.
  • When price matching items at Walmart, I take a printed or hand-written list of items I am matching along with the sales prices. I place all price match items together on the conveyor belt before checking out. I tell the cashier ahead of time, ask him/her if he/she needs to see the ads (the response has always been no), and read the prices as he/she scans the item(s).
  • Some (but not all) Walmart locations will price match store brand (private label) products for Great Value brand products.  Product type, variety, and size must match exactly.  Please check with your local store prior to making your purchase, however, as this is excluded from their Ad Match Guarantee.  The weekly price match list WILL contain items that are private label (i.e. milk, eggs, etc.) that not all Walmarts will price match.  Again, check with your store before you buy.
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